Squarepusher ‘Stor Eiglass’:

Courtesy of Treacle PR

Courtesy of Treacle PR

Stor Eiglass, by artists Squarepusher, Marshmallow LaserFeast (MLF), Blue Zoo and Rob Pybus have collaborated to kick start a new wave of music videos, in the form of a VR promo that can be experienced using VR headsets (Oculus DK2, Gear VR, Cardboard, mobiles, tablets and YouTube’s 360 video platform.

The project was screened at the Tokyo Garden Hall and the Sydney Opera House on selected dates throughout May 2015 to rave reviews. Just before the project launched in early may 2015, we chatted to Robin McNicholas, Creative Director of Marshmallow Laser Feast about the project.

360 experience photo Courtesy of Treacle PR

360 experience photo Courtesy of Treacle PR

How would you describe the project?  Nick - CAPEVR

Words like hallucinatory most definitely set the course for the project. We wanted the piece to be a real adventure and had to find the happy medium between maintaining people's interest and avoiding the seasick sensations often experienced by VR users who view certain camera moves. - Robin McNicholas, Creative Director of Marshmallow Laser Feast

What where the challenges you faced during the project? Nick - CAPEVR

There was a mountain of challenges. Too many to mention here but we're super happy the Blue Zoo team overcame them. They're a really solid team and good fun to work with as well. - Robin McNicholas, Creative Director of Marshmallow Laser Feast

What is your favourite part of the experience? Nick - CAPEVR

Our favourite part of the experience was being able to smuggle in comedy gags that seemed to naturally pop up along the way. The atmosphere in the studio was one often full of hysterics. Another highlight was most definitely the first viewing. Seeing the queues of people and the insane grins on people's faces as they tried it out was really good fun.  - Robin McNicholas, Creative Director of Marshmallow Laser Feast

Finally, what do you hope people gain from the experience?.  Nick - CAPEVR

We hope people revisit the experience and share it. There is a story contained within the experience and it's nice to allow viewers the opportunity to piece together the tale in amongst the VR journey. We're sold on VR and can't wait ‘til the next project!

Prominent member of the VR community on r/oculus, Dee of youtube.com/EvrydayVR, can be seen in the video below, watching the experience on Oculus Rift DK2 via Virtual Desktop.

The experience can be found on Oculus Store/Share, iTunes and GooglePlay.  

For the YouTube 360º experience: cut and paste this link (https://youtu.be/6Olt-ZtV_CE)

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Wearality Sky, a truly mobile VR headset, is looking to be a serious contender in the emerging VR mobile market.  

With competitors such as Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard to name a few, having that something extra to offer, comes in at a great advantage.  One thing the Wearality Sky has to it's advantage, is it's immersive 150 degrees field of view.  Currently, competitors devices are offering a significant lower FOV. It's this that Wearality, hope will give them the edge in the coming future, as the race heats up in the mobile VR field.  

Having almost reached their Kickstarter target, with 11 days to go at the time of writing, it's clear people want this device.  

We recently chatted to Brandon Berk, Lead Product and Innovation Engineer at Wearality Corporation, to provide us with an insight to their product.


What inspired you or led you to create the product, and give it the characteristics it has? 
Wearality saw a great need in the Virtual Reality community for a dedicated set of world-class optics. Moore’s law only applies to electronics, and it seems like the rest of the world was waiting on some optics experts to step up and fill in the last (but arguably most important) piece of the VR puzzle.

What were the challenges you faced during development? 
As with any 5-year development cycle, we faced our fair share of technical challenges. We had to start from scratch, asking ourselves the hard questions that no other company seemed to be able to answer. The result is the best field of view in the industry and unmatched clarity and tolerance for various biometrics like interpupillary distance.

What is your favorite part about using the Wearality Sky?  
For this one, I’ll quote our new CEO Michael T. Jones, former Chief Technology Advocate at Google:
“Wearality’s Sky headset has stunning emotional impact. It will revolutionize VR through its astonishing 150-degree field of view, which gives limitless ways to experience the world.”

Finally, what makes the Wearality Sky stand out from other VR systems?         
We’re really proud of the foldable, portable design and the accessible price point. We’re also working closely with the demands of the community to shape the commercial design. Perhaps most importantly, though, is the visual experience. Going from pockets to world-class optics in seconds is unheard of. Seeing the entirety of your screen in clear, focused view is an experience that no other system can provide. That being said, we’re primarily an optics company and are very open to working with any party interested in using our lenses in their devices. Many such conversations are happening behind the scenes as we speak, so look out for compelling partnership updates!

A huge thanks to Brandon Berk for taking the time to speak to us.  

You can find out more information about Wearality & Wearality Sky at the following links:

Official Website  Facebook Twitter  Kick Starter

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One of the things I love about VR, is you can be transported to any place, in any time period.

The team at Vintage Digital Revival, recently launched phase 3 of their indiegogo campaign, to help fund further development of their game.  Although as stated on their website, the demo is not officially compatible with Oculus Rift as of yet, it is understood the final release will be. When using The Rift, there are some slight kinks that have still yet to be resolved, the menu and slight judder when turning being a few.  BUT, this is still an extremely cool and exciting project that is a must try on The Rift.  A monitor version is also available, both of which are free to try.

The sheer scale of this project, is hugely impressive.  For a core team of just 3 members, with some external support, these guys are doing an outstanding job.  The demo showcases around 2% of the ship, but already there is so much to explore.

At one point while exploring, you are simply prompted to look up.  While in the Oculus Rift, doing so reveals the sheer size of the ship, easily looking like it goes up 100ft above you.  This is something any documentary, or text book has never been able to put across to me before.

It is understood, that the game is being built using Unreal Engine 4.  One of the biggest things that stands out, is the level of detail.  The floor of the ship in first class, has a great looking shine to it, as does the one of several pianos on board. The historical accuracy of every piece of furniture, signage and more, is unlike anything I've seen from any similar historical demos so far.  Amazingly, using records from the voyage, each cabin door (of what records survived), is listed with who actually stayed in that cabin on board.  For now, the cabins aren't accessible, but should be in the future.  They also use informative pop up boxes at certain areas around the ship, to help you further understand what is around you, which I loved. They really do have even the minutest historically accurate details included, which makes for a very authentic experience, even at this stage.

At this point, I should note there are two story modes set for development, an exploration mode and a story driven mode. More information on both can be found in the video below:

As of writing this, they currently have 9 days left of their campaign.  The good thing though, is that this is a flexible funding campaign, so every penny donated helps towards this project.   They need all the money they can get to push the project along.  Their stretch goals are also very impressive, from exploring the ports of Southampton & Belfast, to the cities themselves in 1912.

I urge you to check out this project, and donate how ever much you can.  I can assure you the final release of this, looks to be a very special one indeed.

You can discover more about this project at the following links:

Official Site     Youtube Channel       Twitter      Indiegogo Page


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