One of the things I love about VR, is you can be transported to any place, in any time period.

The team at Vintage Digital Revival, recently launched phase 3 of their indiegogo campaign, to help fund further development of their game.  Although as stated on their website, the demo is not officially compatible with Oculus Rift as of yet, it is understood the final release will be. When using The Rift, there are some slight kinks that have still yet to be resolved, the menu and slight judder when turning being a few.  BUT, this is still an extremely cool and exciting project that is a must try on The Rift.  A monitor version is also available, both of which are free to try.

The sheer scale of this project, is hugely impressive.  For a core team of just 3 members, with some external support, these guys are doing an outstanding job.  The demo showcases around 2% of the ship, but already there is so much to explore.

At one point while exploring, you are simply prompted to look up.  While in the Oculus Rift, doing so reveals the sheer size of the ship, easily looking like it goes up 100ft above you.  This is something any documentary, or text book has never been able to put across to me before.

It is understood, that the game is being built using Unreal Engine 4.  One of the biggest things that stands out, is the level of detail.  The floor of the ship in first class, has a great looking shine to it, as does the one of several pianos on board. The historical accuracy of every piece of furniture, signage and more, is unlike anything I've seen from any similar historical demos so far.  Amazingly, using records from the voyage, each cabin door (of what records survived), is listed with who actually stayed in that cabin on board.  For now, the cabins aren't accessible, but should be in the future.  They also use informative pop up boxes at certain areas around the ship, to help you further understand what is around you, which I loved. They really do have even the minutest historically accurate details included, which makes for a very authentic experience, even at this stage.

At this point, I should note there are two story modes set for development, an exploration mode and a story driven mode. More information on both can be found in the video below:

As of writing this, they currently have 9 days left of their campaign.  The good thing though, is that this is a flexible funding campaign, so every penny donated helps towards this project.   They need all the money they can get to push the project along.  Their stretch goals are also very impressive, from exploring the ports of Southampton & Belfast, to the cities themselves in 1912.

I urge you to check out this project, and donate how ever much you can.  I can assure you the final release of this, looks to be a very special one indeed.

You can discover more about this project at the following links:

Official Site     Youtube Channel       Twitter      Indiegogo Page


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