Wearality Sky, a truly mobile VR headset, is looking to be a serious contender in the emerging VR mobile market.  

With competitors such as Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard to name a few, having that something extra to offer, comes in at a great advantage.  One thing the Wearality Sky has to it's advantage, is it's immersive 150 degrees field of view.  Currently, competitors devices are offering a significant lower FOV. It's this that Wearality, hope will give them the edge in the coming future, as the race heats up in the mobile VR field.  

Having almost reached their Kickstarter target, with 11 days to go at the time of writing, it's clear people want this device.  

We recently chatted to Brandon Berk, Lead Product and Innovation Engineer at Wearality Corporation, to provide us with an insight to their product.


What inspired you or led you to create the product, and give it the characteristics it has? 
Wearality saw a great need in the Virtual Reality community for a dedicated set of world-class optics. Moore’s law only applies to electronics, and it seems like the rest of the world was waiting on some optics experts to step up and fill in the last (but arguably most important) piece of the VR puzzle.

What were the challenges you faced during development? 
As with any 5-year development cycle, we faced our fair share of technical challenges. We had to start from scratch, asking ourselves the hard questions that no other company seemed to be able to answer. The result is the best field of view in the industry and unmatched clarity and tolerance for various biometrics like interpupillary distance.

What is your favorite part about using the Wearality Sky?  
For this one, I’ll quote our new CEO Michael T. Jones, former Chief Technology Advocate at Google:
“Wearality’s Sky headset has stunning emotional impact. It will revolutionize VR through its astonishing 150-degree field of view, which gives limitless ways to experience the world.”

Finally, what makes the Wearality Sky stand out from other VR systems?         
We’re really proud of the foldable, portable design and the accessible price point. We’re also working closely with the demands of the community to shape the commercial design. Perhaps most importantly, though, is the visual experience. Going from pockets to world-class optics in seconds is unheard of. Seeing the entirety of your screen in clear, focused view is an experience that no other system can provide. That being said, we’re primarily an optics company and are very open to working with any party interested in using our lenses in their devices. Many such conversations are happening behind the scenes as we speak, so look out for compelling partnership updates!

A huge thanks to Brandon Berk for taking the time to speak to us.  

You can find out more information about Wearality & Wearality Sky at the following links:

Official Website  Facebook Twitter  Kick Starter

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