Google Cardboard being open sourced, can lead to many variations of the original product as seen above.  This is great as it encourages creativity, and opens up doors of new enhancements or improvements.  But so many variations out there, can also come at a price.

To help streamline things, Mountain View has launched 'Works with Cardboard' Project.  This ensures the headset designers that apps made for Cardboard, will work with apps made for the device. It won't matter how much their design, differentiates from the original product.   In order to ensure this, they must input all details of their headset design, into the Cardboard website.  Afterwards, they will receive a QR code to attach to their design.  

Once a user scans the relevant QR Code, all apps used will be optimized for that specific headset design.  A shop has also been launched that carries various Cardboard designs, that come with their 'Works with Cardboard' badge.  In addition a QR code is also included to allow you to enjoy your immerse experience, as it was intended.

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