Last night at The Game Awards 2015, Palmer Luckey announced something, that I had been hoping for ever since I saw Guitar Hero take the first person perspective, Rockband VR.

In the video below, we get a glimpse of gameplay towards the end.  Straight away, we can see what looks to be a tracked guitar, and the first person view on stage as if you are actually in the band.  When social gameplay elements are added,  I really think this will be a big hit for Oculus. It would be great to be playing the greatest rock anthems on an arena sized stage, and knowing somewhere in that crowd, are your friends also in VR cheering you on.

On the Oculus sub-reddit, this announcement seems to have been met with mixed reactions, but I am under no doubts, when more gameplay and features are released, this will be a fantastic addition to The Rift.

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