We finally have some new information, on the Oculus Rift Consumer version 1.

Recently in a interview speaking to the telegraph,  Oculus founder Palmer Luckey estimated The Rift first consumer version, will be available by winter of 2015.   To further back the claim, Techandgamer added,"Palmer Luckey said the rift would be available by Winter. My sources can confirm that the rift can be bought on November."

It has also been reported that  CV1, will be a massive leap from their DK2 develepment kit. Boasting a higher resolution, and an all round smoother user experience.

A source from TechRadar said,"Co-founder Palmer Luckey also stated that the consumer system's resolution would get a 'significant increase' over the DK2's 1080p display, with a refresh rate that will hit 90Hz or higher."

The price range still remains the same, within $200 - $400 (£136 - £273).

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