Thanks to Virtual Desktop, you can now run Windows in VR.

The fantastic application, allows you to preview your monitor in real time.  You also have the option to scale up and down size the monitor, and have it curved or flat.

Another amazing addition, is the themes.  You can have your monitor floating in space, a void and even your own personal cinema room.  I had this surreal experience, or running a PS1 emulator, within the cinema room of Virtual Desktop, gamepad in hand, whilst wearing the Oculus Rift.  Yes it wasn't super smooth, partially due to the standard spec system I use at home.  BUT STILL!.  It was pretty cool if I say so.

It's also great for relaxing watching videos, 2D,3D,360 videos it pretty much covers them all.

Lastly, being able to launch VR applications from within virtual desktop, eliminates having to switch between monitors, and makes life a lot simpler.

A must have.  See the Video Below to see Virtual Desktop in action.