Games development studio Crytek responsible for graphically groundbreaking titles such as Crysis, have now took their first steps into virtual reality.

'Back to Dinosaur Island' which debuted at GDC 2015, is a short proof of concept demo, currently only available in a direct feed.  It features the player stationed next to large dinosaur eggs.  The player initially gets some time to take in the surrounding environment, which looks graphically very nice.  Everything looks alive, with small dinosaurs in the distance walking, and some bugs flying around you, to the birds and tall trees above.  Suddenly, every creature around scatters, in the distance a huge figure appears and stood in front is a T-Rex.

The whole experience seems to last just over 3 minutes.  We can only imagine how scary but great this would be on The Rift.  Hopefully with the growing excitement and enthusiasm surround this, maybe we will eventually see a full game set in the Jurassic period, made for VR.

View the entire demo feed in the video below.

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