A brand new 4D experience has been created, featuring the Oculus Rift, as promotion for the upcoming Insidious movie.

This is a trend we are starting to see grow.  Last year we saw Interstellar and X-Men: Days of Future Past, both use the Oculus Rift, creating relevant experiences as part of their promo campaign.   ‘Insidious: Chapter 3 – Into The Further 4D Experience‘  differs from the previous two, as The Rift is just a section of the overall experience.  After walking through a haunted house with scares coming in all directions, participants then strap on the HMD (Head - Mounted Display), to then 'Enter The Further', a real of tormented souls that exists within the Insidious world.

Currently on tour across the U.S until May 31st 2015, we hope we might be able to experience this, or some similar promo campaigns, in the U.K sometime soon.  [On second thoughts, after viewing the trailer below, maybe we can send someone on our behalf!.] 

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