Mozzila Firefox, famed for it's popular web browser recently launched their bid in to the world of VR.

MozVR enables HMD users to view and play a range of demos, including simple games and 360 videos direct from the web.  As of writing this, there are a few additional steps before hand to get this working. You must have the latest Oculus runtime installed on your machine, and also have installed Firefox Nightly, a browser featuring the most recent features. However, this is only recommended for using within VR, or for testers as it can be unstable at times.    It is not mandatory, but using Virtual Desktop with The Rift, allows for a more streamline experience when switching between demos.

In total there are 6 different demos live on MozVR.  Currently live for example, there is a simple point and go game,  two trippy experiences featuring sea monkeys, and the another putting you inside a cube with a manipulative liquid  face, when Leap Motion is added.  There is also a fly through experience, where you cruise over a visualization of the coast of British Columbia.

And Lastly, a 360 mountain top photo view, and a 360 video which takes you to the arctic. Presently in all but the 360 video, latency is an issue, and noticeably not low enough as a desktop application.  The 360 video performs significantly better, than any of the other application currently live on the site.  

However, this is still early days in webVR content, and we think the user experience will only get better from here on in. We think it should be very interesting, to see how things develop within the webVR space.

EvrydayVR has a great overview of MozVR, in the video below.

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