In a recent TED talk, film maker Chris Milk explored the topic of virtual reality and empathy.

Throughout the talk, Chris Milk explains his aim as a film maker, was to try get people 'in the frame' to tell a more compelling story.  Standing next to a 360 camera, he plays the audience 'Clouds over Sidra', featuring a young girl and her family who fled Syria to Jordan, and now live in a refugee camp.   With the use of VR, Chris speaks of a time his company played the film at the World Economic Forum, where the audience are people who's decisions affect millions.   Suddenly thanks to this film and VR, they found themselves, sat on the floor of this refugee camp in Jordan.   

He also makes a very interesting point, that VR is a very experiential media.  This is true, and got us wondering how effective will traditional marketing campaigns be, in the weeks before launch for Oculus, HTC and more.  Do you think the companies, will be developing alternative marketing campaigns in time for launch?.   

You can view the fascinating TED talk below

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