This has to be one of the main concepts, that gets me very excited about VR.

A recent hack still in progress, developed Myles Johnston shows an Oculus Rift user inside the home of The Simpsons, while sitting on the sofa next to Homer, watching The Simpsons on TV. Did someone say The Simpsons-ception?!.

It's all working as a custom theme within Virtual Desktop.  Although still a work in progress, this looks very fun, and we can't wait to binge watch The Simpsons with a beer, sat next to Homer. Wow...how lucky are we to be alive at this time.

You can see the theme in action below:

The developer is also working on the entire house, which will be explore-able too.  Again, still a work in progress, you can see how it's coming along in the video below.  

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