GoPro announced yesterday their purchase of Kolor, a startup company from France that specialize in 360 degrees videos.

The company will be embedded in to the GoPro business model as of May 2015, with a new emphasis on spherical content.  Their software allows users to stitch together 360 degrees videos, that have been shot with a rig similar to the one above.  It will allow creation of immersive videos, from rock climbing, snow boarding, and even team sports such as football.

Although initially planned to operate on Google Cardboard, GoPro have plans to increase compatibility to other VR systems such as Oculus Rift soon..

The video below from GoPro gives you a glimpse in to 360 video, if you do not have a VR HMD.  If you watch on a desktop, the controls on the top left allow you to adjust your view.

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