A new project currently in development named 'Project Elysium', is aiming to get you to 'the afterlife' before your time.   Many people imagine being reunited with their love ones and friends when their time comes.  But this experience, which was entered in to Oculus VR Jam 2015, could mean otherwise.

The developers from Paranormal Games describe their VR experience as "A personalized VR Afterlife experience reunited people with loved ones who have passed".  This sounds very interesting, although a few questions remain for instance, could you create a 3D model of someone from a photograph?.  Then there is also the question of accurate personality.

They are careful to stress that this is not a game as such, “This experience is not a game. Not at all. It's a very serious heart felt project with a lot of meaning to us and is being made respectfully.”   This could be one of many interesting uses for VR, and is an area that could be worth keeping an eye on.  Personally, I think it'd be interesting to try this out once it's ready.

You can see the video below for some background info on this project.

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