1. I agree I (or participants) are over 13 years of age and meet the legally required age criteria (13+ years old) to use CAPE VR's high end virtual reality headsets. Under 13+ will use headsets with short regular breaks every 15 minutes.


2. If under 13 years of age, parental or legal guardian must complete liability waiver / consent form on behalf of participant(s) and must read and agree to T&C’s.


3. I agree I (or participants) are not under the influence of alcohol, pregnant or epileptic.


4. In case of unforeseen circumstances where booking can’t be fulfilled (system failure, electricity failure or headset failure)  an alternative date will be offered.  If this cannot be accepted then a full refund will be offered.  


5. I give consent for all attending to be video recorded by CAPE VR during the hire.  All video captured may be used for promotional videos for CAPE VR social media pages.


6. If I am captured by staff or volunteers in photos or video during my time during a mobile hire or at CAPE VR’s arcade, I express full permission for my likeness to be captured and used in physical and digital CAPE VR promotional material included but not limited to; flyers, promotional social media videos and web videos, promotional photography, posters, without limitation or compensation.


7. If I (or participants) obtain any physical or mental injury during a mobile hire, I (or participants) will not hold CAPE VR responsible by any means.  


9. I accept full responsibility that using a virtual reality headset, will block my vision and hearing of the real world around me (or participants),  hindering my (or participants) ability to react to the real world.  

10. I will stay in the designated area (both physical play-space and in-VR Guardian and/or Chaperone boundary, as explained to me (or participants) prior to the VR session.

11. Intentional damage to our equipment will result in being reported to the police.


12. If under the influence of drugs or alcohol customers will not be served.


13. Social media discounts, free membership session or discount codes are one time use only per session.  A session will be denied if found a participant has used same discount prior.


14. Children must be supervised by parent or guardian at all times


15. Parent or legal guardian holds full responsibility to ensure children are not experiencing inappropriate content.  CAPE VR will advise suitable content before and throughout the session.


16. I or parent / legal guardian accepts full responsibility for any damages and agree to compensate CAPE VR in full in the event any damage occurs to their kit, including but not limited to computer system, virtual reality headset(s), travel equipment.  Compensation will amount to the current retail price of the product at the date of incident - and shall be paid to CAPE VR directly within 30 days of the incident.